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Ahhhhh September. 

Ahhhhh September. 

My favorite reset month.  We all love summer for the warm evenings, backyard BBQs and unscheduled random acts of funness (in my world that’s a word), but you must admit.  Secretly (or perhaps, not so secretly), you yearn for the scheduling of September. It’s okay. Your secret is safe with me. 

Once I mourn the loss of the summer heat, I start to yearn for and celebrate the new possibilities that come from September and the fall months. 

Inevitably I survey the landscape of my life and I ask myself what I want to create.  For me, September brings with it an increased desire to feel and function better.  Not only do I want to move my body more deliberately and more often, but I want to tighten up my eating habits.

Invariably my 80/20 rule has slid to look a little more like 60/40 and I feel the difference.  I’ve already got back to more meal planning and intentional food prep so that I have the ability to easily arm myself with healthy, homemade meals and snacks.  Creating healthy, simple food is routine for me.  I can adapt it to suit me when I travel, entertain or have a particularly busy week ahead. 

But it wasn’t always this way.

I know what it’s like to feel like eating healthy is one of the most difficult tasks to create and sustain. 

I have a family, a business and kids who have a lot of weekday events.  I was constantly feeling like I didn’t know if I was coming or going.  And even when I did make food it wasn’t always met with applause from the little (and big) people who live with me.  If I knocked off a great meal tonight, I was still faced with the time consuming task of creating healthy lunches in the morning while I was rushing to get everyone out the door. 

And then grocery shopping … ENDLESS and EXPENSIVE. I heard these same sentiments constantly echoed back to me by members of my practice.  And why wouldn’t I?   >> it’s a conundrum that I’m certain nearly every busy person on the planet feels.  With each passing year I felt more and more inspired to get on top of my family’s eating regimen.  I kept at it. Strategizing a new routine and creating new rituals that helped me be more successful in my desire to eat well AND feel fantastic.

I needed it to be:

  • easy
  • nutrient dense
  • affordable
  • and sustainable

What was the point of doing it if I was constantly disappointed when I couldn’t keep it up when life got particularly busy or we were traveling or eating out for work or pleasure?

My practice members and my family became my testing ground.

I would create eating strategies and would try them at home.  If it was going well I would start to share it with my practice members.  Eventually I started to host 90-minute workshops on nutrition to help our patients receive the same kind of success. 

Month after month I would share the program and would modify it along the way.  After several years of that I realized one thing.  I no longer needed to pay attention to my weight.  It used to be work to keep it in the healthy range.  In fact, the lifelong focus on how much I was eating and where was the number on the scale no longer became a point of focus.  Instead I focussed on eating a nutrient dense, low sugar lifestyle and the rest took care of itself.

That was the game changer for me.

I know.  Many people would never know that I had spent a large part of my life trying really hard to maintain my weight.  The truth is that I grew up in a family that was overweight – significantly overweight and I developed eating habits that made it difficult for me to be lean and healthy. 

It took years of learning and re-training so that I could honestly say that I understood what the physiology of the body actually required to thrive. 

In a nutshell, I focussed on reducing sugar. 


In doing so the amount of inflammation in my system decreased dramatically and I found myself making choices that left me feeling lean and energized.  My skin was clearer.  My hormones were more balanced and my energy was stable … all day.  I no longer felt the peaks and valleys in energy that I once felt.  No bloating. No stomach upset. 

Once I understood that, I learned how to adapt it to my lifestyle that involved entertaining, full time job, busy family and lots of travel.  It’s become a way of life for me for years.

I can’t keep things to myself.  I must share and that’s how my wildly successful 40-Day Online Sugar Detox program was born.  Hundreds of people have taken this program with fabulous results and I’m getting ready to launch it again, for the last time in 2017.

Fall is like the eve of the next year. We’re nearly in our final quarter – how do you want to feel moving into the holiday season? how do you want to feel moving into 2018?

If you want to feel they way that I, and so many of my practice members do…

  • prepared
  • organized
  • full of intention
  • and feeling lean

then I invite you to join me for Your 40-Day Sugar Detox. It begins on October 18th, and I’m seriously craving it!

I can’t wait to get started.

DRF xo

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