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This episode with Gary Waters, High Performance Mindset Coach, is all about getting to the root cause of what’s limiting your ability to experience true freedom, joy, love and vitality.

He shares insights into a completely different way of thinking, leading to a life changing shift in perspective. I really appreciated Gary’s ability to give tangible action steps to the listener – you and me. You’ll love this episode.

Here’s a lot of what we talked about …

  • Mindset plays a significant role in shaping our experiences and outcomes in life.
  • Our subconscious mind is influenced by our environment and language, particularly during childhood.
  • Identifying and challenging limiting beliefs is crucial for personal growth and transformation.
  • Affirmations alone are not enough to shift deeply ingrained beliefs; addressing the root cause is necessary. Changing perspectives can lead to a new way of seeing oneself and the world, which can lead to behavioral changes and different results.
  • Rock bottom can be a catalyst for change and a turning point in one’s life.
  • Triggers are opportunities for self-awareness and growth, and they often stem from resistance to certain aspects of life.
  • Desire can come from a place of lack or dissatisfaction, but shifting to a mindset of abundance and wholeness can change the energy behind desire.
  • Allowing and surrendering can lead to a sense of freedom and ease in life.
  • The journey of transformation takes time and commitment, and it often involves ongoing practice and self-discovery.
  • Morning practices can set the tone for the day and help establish a positive mindset and frequency.
  • Gary Waters can be found at garywaters.co.uk and on Instagram as @iamgarywaters.
  • Working with Gary Waters involves a discovery call to determine if there is a fit and to discuss the duration and details of the coaching relationship.
  • Appreciation and gratitude for the time and presence of others can create a meaningful connection and exchange.


00:00. Introduction and Background

03:07. Realizing the Influence of Mindset

05:35. The Role of Mindset in Society

06:01. The Subconscious Mind and Belief Systems

07:45. Identifying Limiting Beliefs

11:31. Shifting Beliefs and Creating Space

16:31. The Limitations of Affirmations

21:08. Embracing Creativity and Potential

22:02. Practicing Awareness and Reminding

23:22. Challenging the Identity of Inadequacy

24:33. The Power of Changing Perspectives

25:33. The Importance of Rock Bottom

27:00. Understanding Triggers

30:33. Desire and the Energy Behind It

33:23. Allowing and Surrendering

38:30. The Journey of Transformation

42:01. The Power of Morning Practices

46:58. Finding Gary Waters and Working with Him

49:18. Appreciation and Gratitude

49:50. Closing Remarks


Gary specialises in helping you to set yourself free from inner suffering by mastering your relationship with yourself, others, and life.

Gary works with entrepreneurs, athletes, businesses, busy parents and everyone in between. He shares insights into a completely different way of thinking, leading to a life changing shift in perspective. This has a transformative effect on all aspects of life, including personal fulfilment, increasing levels of performance and business success.

Rather than focusing on short term temporary fixes, Gary specialises in identifying the subconscious root cause of problems which dissolves them permanently, allowing you to live a limitless life.







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